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I worked with one client - Melissa C. - to create 4 unique, custom rosaries. I love it!!!  It's for me and I can't wait to get it!!!  Got my rosary! It's even more beautiful in person! Thank you so much!! Oh I LOVE the red and metal look.  That's awesome!   I LOVE it!!! Oh my goodness I LOVE it so much!!! You're the best!!! It looks really good!  I'm so excited!
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Got the rosary today, beautiful!   - Marianne S. This rosary was made for the client’s brand new baby neice named Rose.  The beads are rose quartz.  The centerpiece is a rose.  The cross is sterling silver with pink topaz.  And the medal depicts a baby.
“Spanky's beautiful hand made Rosary -- thank you Judith!” (This client wanted to give her son his first rosary as he started his Catechism classes.)