Step 3: Click Here to Order a Centerpiece  Then you must select a center-piece from the ones I have in stock.  I am happy to speical order a  partiuclar type of centerpiece for you. Rosaries Made from In-Stock Materilals Create Your Rosary  Create Your Rosary at Star Ranch, NM, a Division of JTL Consulting, LLC  2017
Step 1: Click Here to Order a Bead Set To make a custom rosary from the parts I carry in stock, you will start by selecting a “bead set.”  I have pre-made the beaded portions of many rosaries without attaching these beaded segments to a centerpiece or cross. If you do not see a bead set that you like, please contact me about creating a custom rosary from scratch.  This process usually costs about the same as using the pre-made parts, it just adds a few days to the production time.

Create Your Rosary from My In-Stock Materials

Step 4: Click Here to Order Medals Various medals can be added to any rosary or rosary bracelet.  I usually attach them at the centerpiece.  You can choose from my selection of medals or ask me to special order one or more for your rosary. Step 5: Review Your Order and Pay The final step to creating your own custom rosary is to review the items in your cart and make sure that you have exactly what you want.  Click the VIEW CART button.  If you need to refresh your memory, just click on any item in your cart and you will be returned to the page with the photo and description.  Make sure you have not ordered any duplicate items.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to make your purchase.  You will need a vaild credit card. Please note that many of my crucifixes, crosses, centerpieces and medals are previously owned.
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Step 2: Click Here to Order a Cross or a Crucifix You will also need to choose cross or crucifix from the ones I have in stock.  Sterling silver and Native American-made items will cost more than the Italian metal ones I offer. I am happy to speical order a partiuclar type of cross or crucifix for you.
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