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A Hand Knotted Rosary A hand knotted rosary is a lovely and rustic style.  It will not work with all beads.  The beads must have a large enough hole for a cord to pass through.   If you are selecting loose beads for your custom rosary, the desicion to hand knot may have to wait until I can inspect the beads and see if cord will pass through their holes. The following list of beading cord colors is available. Black Denim Blue Golden Tan Khaki Tan White Dark Brown Hemp Medium Brown Hemp Variegated Brown Hemp Cream Hemp A Rosary Made with Spacer Beads There are many reasons to choose a rosary made with spacer beads. Very fine cord can be used on beads with small holes and then dainty seed beads can fill the spaces between the Our Father and Hail Mary beads.  Spacer beads can add another touch of color to a rosary or even a little sparkle or shimmer.  Since spacer beads are small, using metal beads such as copper, turquoise or sterling silver can be affordable.  I have a large inventory of glass seed beads in stock that I use as rosary spacer beads.  I will use my best judgement in selecting the spacer beads for your rosary unless you have a specific request.  Metal beads and stone beads will cost a bit more than glass.
Examples of spacer beads: