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1” Color Our Lady of Guadalupe / “Pray for Us”   $4.00
3/4” Italian metal Sacred Heart of Mary / “Pray for Us.” $3.00
     1” Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Center.  “Pray for Us” $3.00
1” Italian metal Mother and Child. $3.00
 7/8” Italian metal chalice. First Holy Communion. $2.00
3/4”  Confirmation.  Dove / “Come Holy Spirit, Enlighten Me. $3.00
f you are creating a rosary out the materials I have in stock, you must buy one cross or crucifix to be added to your rosary.  When you have selected a centerpiece, next select the medals you want: Please order the parts for only one rosary at a time--all the way through the payment process.  Select only the parts you need for that one rosary and add them to your cart.  Pay for the items.  I will use the items in this shopping cart to make your rosary. If you are ordering more than one rosary, you will end up paying separately for each one.  Since I do not charge for shipping in the U.S., you will not have with multiple shipping charges.  If you are ordering multiple items that will be shipped outside the U.S., email me for further ordering instructions.
Small Centerpieces
1” Italian metal Holy Family / “Pray for Us” $3.00
Larger Centerpieces
     1” Pope Francis 2015 US Visit Commemorative.  US flag on back. $2.00
3/4” Italian metal Miraculous Medal . $2.00
1/2” Italian metal Sacred Heart of Jesus / Face of Mary. $2.00
1” Our Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe / Divine Mercy.    $3.00
3/4” Color Pope Francis / “Pray for Us”   $3.00
1” color Our Lady of Guadalupe / “Pray for Us.” $5.00
1 1/4” Italian metal Pope Francis & St. Francis Center.     $3.00
3/4” Italian metal Our Lady of Guadalupe / El Santo Nino de Atocha $3.00 $3.00
Please note that many of my crucifixes, crosses, centerpieces and medals are previously owned. Click here to contact me about ordering specific parts for you.  Please understand that this will add time to making your order.  Specially ordered items usually cost a bit more than the ones I have in stock.